Jean-Claude Bradley is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and E-Learning Coordinator for the College of Arts and Sciences at Drexel University. He leads the UsefulChem project, a synthetic organic chemistry initiative started in the summer of 2005 to make the scientific process as transparent as possible by publishing all research work in real time to a collection of public blogs, wikis and other web pages. Jean-Claude coined the term Open Notebook Science to distinguish this approach from other more restricted forms of Open Science. In 2008 he created the Open Notebook Science Solubility Challenge to crowdsource the measurement of non-aqueous solubility. Sponsored by Submeta, Sigma-Aldrich, Nature and the Royal Society of Chemistry, the ONS Challenge has resulted in the publication of a book combining the results of 10 student award winners from the US and the UK. Jean-Claude teaches undergraduate organic chemistry courses with most content freely available on public blogs, wikis, games, Second Life and audio and video podcasts. He has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and has published articles and obtained patents in the areas of synthetic and mechanistic chemistry, gene therapy, nanotechnology and scientific knowledge management.

Elizabeth Brown is the Scholarly Communications and Library Grants Officer at Binghamton University Libraries. This position creates campus services and programming on all areas of scholarly communications including intellectual property, copyright, open access, digital repository policies, and legislative initiatives. She was previously the Science Library Coordinator and a Science Reference Librarian / Bibliographer and has been at Binghamton since 1998. She currently serves as subject liaison for Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Mathematical Sciences and Materials Science. Elizabeth received a BA in Chemistry from the University of Virginia, an MS in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh, and an MLIS in Librarianship from the University of Texas at Austin. She is active in the Special Libraries Association and the American Chemical Society, serving as 2007 President of the Upstate New York Chapter of SLA and 2009 Chair of the Binghamton Local Section of the ACS.

David W. Hogg is an astronomer and physicist working on large observational projects in astrophysics. He began working with open scientific data and tools when he became involved in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey in 1999. He is now the PI of the Astrometry.net collaboration, which performs automated calibration of arbitrary astronomical data and permits new kinds of citizen science. Hogg came to New York University in 2001, and was granted tenure there in 2007. His work at NYU has included fundamental cosmological measurements, galaxy demographics, and stellar dynamics, with a significant engineering component, in areas of instrument calibration, automated data analysis, and statistical inference.

Heather Joseph has served as the Executive Director of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) since 2005. In that capacity, she works to support broadening access to the results of scholarly research through enabling open access publishing, archiving and policies on a local, national and international level. Ms. Joseph is also the convener of the Alliance for Taxpayer Access, a coalition of universities, libraries, patients advocacy groups, consumer groups, and student organizations who work to ensure that results of publicly funded research are openly accessible to the public. The group has been a leading voice on U.S. open access legislation, including landmark policy issued by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Prior to coming to SPARC, she spent 15 years as a publisher in both commercial and not-for-profit publishing organizations. She served as the publishing director at the American Society for Cell Biology, which became the first journal to commit its full content to the NIH’s pioneering open repository, PubMed Central, and subsequently served on the National Advisory Committee for the project.

Antony J. Williams graduated with a B.S. and Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Liverpool and University of London, respectively. He was then a Post doctoral fellow at the National Research Council, Ottawa, Ontario followed by NMR Facility Director, University of Ottawa. From 1992-1997 he was NMR Technology Leader at Eastman-Kodak Company, Rochester, and from 1997-2007 he held a number of positions at Advanced Chemistry Development, ACD/Labs, including Senior NMR Product Manager, VP of marketing and Chief Science Officer. In 2007 he established ChemZoo, Inc and was the host of ChemSpider, one of the primary internet portals for chemistry. ChemSpider was acquired by the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2009 and Dr Williams is currently VP, Strategic development at the Royal Society of Chemistry.He presently holds an adjunct position at UNC-Chapel Hill. He has been a member of the ACS since 1996. Dr. Williams has written chapters for many books and authored or co-authored >100 peer reviewed papers and book chapters on NMR, predictive ADME methods, Internet-based tools, crowdsourcing and database curation. He is an active blogger and participant in the internet chemistry network.